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Sometimes The Best Prayer Starts With “Lord, I’m Not Okay.”

It’s not everyday that a Christian gets excited to spend time with his Lord and Savior. Most days, it’s a warfare. Temptations are thrown in by the enemy and sometimes pride (self-centeredness, self-dependence, self-absorption) and worries of this life kick in. Yesterday was one of those days. I was struggling to find quietness with God… Continue reading Sometimes The Best Prayer Starts With “Lord, I’m Not Okay.”

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Even When It’s Tough, Show Up

When waiting, failures, persecutions and cancelled plans come all together in one season, it’s natural to be frustrated, discouraged and bitter. I am in such a season and it’s so hard to be thankful and selfless when circumstances in it compel you to be otherwise. To persevere is the first thing I want to do… Continue reading Even When It’s Tough, Show Up


Prayer and Fasting Gone Wrong

I had the concept of fasting growing up. Back then, in the religious Catholic setting, I was taught that fasting is about self-control in order to earn God’s favor. I was taught that I have the option to fast on meat, desserts and/or a favorite leisure during a “holy” week/season so I can be “holy”… Continue reading Prayer and Fasting Gone Wrong