When Coronavirus Does Not Make Sense

To say that this global pandemic is a deal breaker is an understatement. Moment by moment, the world is adjusting its systems around it — to surpass it and to solve it. Words will not be enough to comfort those who are grieving or struggling at this point in time. I can only imagine what it is like to suddenly lose someone you love because … Continue reading When Coronavirus Does Not Make Sense

When God Says, “Wait A Little More”

  I have been praying for something personal for almost six years now.  I have cried to God about it, pleaded week in and out for it, and desperately sought God about it. And four months ago, I prayed that it would happen in December. I have two close friends and an accountability partner who know about this specific prayer, and I am grateful that … Continue reading When God Says, “Wait A Little More”

The Highlight of My 2019: God’s Grace

The most common year-ender reflection is to think of the things that went well and did not go well the entire year. This is to basically think of things or circumstances that we should be thankful to God for, and think of how we can change or improve for the better next year. These reflections have become the backbone for most of our new year’s … Continue reading The Highlight of My 2019: God’s Grace

I Kneel Corrected

[Month 5 (Week 19-20): This post is part of the “6 Month Discipleship Plan” series] To say, “I stand corrected” is to admit that you said something that was not correct or that you did something wrong. I recently said this phrase to my thesis adviser and my boss at work.  I skipped a step in the process of coordinating with my thesis committee which … Continue reading I Kneel Corrected