I Kneel Corrected

[Month 5 (Week 19-20): This post is part of the “6 Month Discipleship Plan” series] To say, “I stand corrected” is to admit that you said something that was not correct or that you did something wrong. I recently said this phrase to my thesis adviser and my boss at work.  I skipped a step in the process of coordinating with my thesis committee which … Continue reading I Kneel Corrected

Quiet But Not Isolated

I started writing/journaling a blog series here called “6-Month Discipleship Plan” last July for the purpose of reflection, reminder and even accountability. But I kind of missed out on posting anything this October. It is not that I have not been doing anything (quite the opposite actually!) but I have been intentionally quiet, and here’s why. I have been pretty drained lately — not the … Continue reading Quiet But Not Isolated

First Two Terms As A Teacher

It is my second trimester teaching part-time in DLSU, the university where I graduated college from! I am teaching a non-academic subject called iPersef (or Integrated Personal Effectiveness) to graduating college students. Basically, it covers topics related to values, leadership and career development.  I teach on Saturdays so some Friday nights have been tiring lately but I am enjoying the process. As much as I … Continue reading First Two Terms As A Teacher

A Letter To My 21-year Old Self

Hey, fresh graduate! Congratulations! You made it out of college. That is one of, if not, the most fulfilling achievement in your life right now! Those graduation photos bring so much nostalgia, does it? Treasure the stories behind those photos as a sweet victorious reminder of your almost two decades of academic work with 4 years of a rollercoaster-like college ride! Those medals and diplomas … Continue reading A Letter To My 21-year Old Self

Finding Peace In A World Full Of “This Needs To Be Done”

I miss writing here. I miss having these precious minutes when I would just intentionally sit down in silence with a Google Doc file, just typing in thoughts about circumstances or life in general. I have been struggling to find stillness lately thus the priority level of writing here (or even reading books) on a monthly basis fell to the bottom. I do not want … Continue reading Finding Peace In A World Full Of “This Needs To Be Done”